Value Proposition

CWGFX – Capital World Growth and Income Fund

NWFFX – New World Fund

GATEX – The Gateway Fund

LVOAX – Value Opportunities Fund

BEQRX – Balter L/S Small Cap Equity Fund

LBNYX – Bond Debenture Fund

WBFFX – Capital World Bond Fund

LDMAX – Emerging Currency Fund

BSV -Vanguard Short Term Bond ETF

As a discretionary client of Alexander Capital Advisors, LLC, we will tailor a portfolio to fit the client’s risk tolerance and return objectives. We are currently using the above funds as well as an optional proprietary Alternative Investment Fund.

We will weight the above funds based upon market dynamics and the client’s particular investment objectives. It is important to note we can pick from over five thousand funds when constructing our portfolios.

As we are an institutional advisor, clients will get access to these funds at NAV.  Further, we will continue to review these funds each quarter assuring that they are adhering to their objectives as well as performing within our risk return parameters.

Clients will receive monthly account statements directly from TD Ameritrade Institutional – the custodian for each account. Quarterly, each client will receive a customized performance report summarizing the client’s net of fees profit/loss and time weighted return for that period and since inception.