Firm Overview

Alexander Capital Advisors, LLC (ACA) was formed to provide portfolio management with a focus in the small & mid capitalization value universe. Thomas F. Paolozzi founded ACA in early 2006 after working for three of the top U.S. investment firms since 1992, where he developed his unique portfolio management process and disciplined contrarian value approach.

To deliver superior portfolio management and foster an environment of the highest integrity, ACA is structured to be an exclusive boutique firm with a performance-based stakeholder culture fostering accountability supported by customized reporting.

Through ACA’s consistent investment process and asset allocation techniques, clients have experienced excellent portfolio returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Range of Services

  • Personalized discretionary portfolio management
  • Fee-based Investment Advisory Wrap Program
  • Access to our alternative investment fund – The Plato Fund, LP
  • Customized performance and portfolio reporting