Firm Overview

Alexander Capital Advisors, LLC (ACA) was formed to provide portfolio management with a focus in the small & mid capitalization value universe. Thomas F. Paolozzi founded ACA in early 2006 after working for three of the top U.S. investment firms since 1992, where he developed his unique portfolio management process and disciplined contrarian value approach.

To deliver superior portfolio management and foster an environment of the highest integrity, ACA is structured to be an exclusive boutique firm with a performance-based stakeholder culture fostering accountability supported by customized reporting.

Investment Philosophy

Comprehensive research, disciplined value-based strategy, absolute return focus and low portfolio volatility frame every investment decision at ACA. We search for well-managed companies and securities that are temporarily priced below their true longer-term value. Securities in our portfolio share many of the following attributes:

  • Increasing cash flow and operating margins
  • Attractive price to book value & price to cash flow
  • Increasing insider and management ownership
  • Unique balance sheet characteristics
  • Leadership changes among business lines within the company
  • Known company board or management
  • Business plans and strategies that consider equity and profitability

ACA focuses on companies with market capitalizations between $100 million and $2 billion. Only about half of the companies or securities within this market sector are followed by investment firms. Therein lies the opportunity to add value to client portfolios. ACA’s unique portfolio structure coupled with its upside sell discipline gives client portfolios our signature downside protection. Through ACA’s consistent investment process and tested asset allocation techniques, clients have experienced excellent portfolio returns both on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis.

Range of Services

  • Personalized discretionary portfolio management
  • Fee-based Investment Advisory wrap program
  • Total wealth management and tactical asset allocation services
  • Customized performance and portfolio reporting